MIS Courses: CS 120

Being in CS 120 has been a different experience for me. At first, everything was so confusing and stressful. I’ve never felt as lost as I did in the beginning of the class. As time went on, I begin to talk with upperclassmen, attend mentoring sessions, and do visual work where I could see how things actually fit into place. After the semester begin to progress, so did my understanding of the class. We have gone from learning about the “Big Three” (sequence, selection, and repetition) to actually coding programs that created reports or the results requested. The program offers many different resources to help students through the course. You just have to utilize them.

I feel like everyone is starting to adjust to the class and the transition from the way our previous classes have been structured. We have formed groups to work on a video project and an ethics project. The goal is to force us to branch out and meet our peers, the people that we will be with the next 4 semesters. We know now after taking the first test how that your score is not what’s important. The importance is about how much information you know and how you become responsible enough to learn the information you missed. CS 120 is definitely a challenging class, but I enjoy learning new concepts and interacting closely with my peers.

-Tynesha McConnell


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