Capstone Experience: The BOLD Team

The BOLD team, which stands for Business Opportunities for Location Data, is working on a research project for Dr. Mark Keith, a research faculty here in the MIS program. The main goal of the project is to develop new and exciting ways for businesses to utilize mobile location data. The process that we will go through to achieve this goal is to develop an application, for both iPhone and Android platforms; to allow the team to collect mobile location and behavioral data from the user; then analyze that data to derive information about possible consumer segments.

So far we have done extensive research into current mobile location data usage, studying various technology journals and conferences. In addition, we have also been researching the technologies that we’re going to use for the project, which include learning: Java/Eclipse for Android and Objective-C/XCode for the iPhone. The main requirement for the application is to track the user’s location and keep in cache until it is sent to the server. We expect to be working on this part for another week so we can have adequate time to test our application.

Looking ahead, we are really pushing to get the application developed so that we are collecting actual data two weeks from now. Doing this, will allow us to collect and analyze 2 weeks of location data which will ultimately be fashioned into a research paper. Overall, we think that this is one of the most interesting and cutting edge projects in the Capstone. Furthermore, we are eagerly waiting to see what interesting ways we can apply the data!


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