Capstone Experience: ALISE Capstone Team

ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Education) is a non-profit organization that serves as the intellectual home of university faculty in graduate programs in library and information science in North America. Its mission is to promote excellence in research, teaching, and service and to provide an understanding of the values and ethos of library and information science. ALISE serves 500 individual members and more than 60 institutional members, primarily in the United States and Canada.

We are the ALISE Project Team! ALISE stands for the Association for Library and Information Science Education. ALISE collects and analyzes information pertaining to library and information science education, for program accreditation and benchmarking across 70 institutions in the United States and Canada. Our project champion is the current EBSCO Endowed Chair of Library Service, Dr. Danny Wallace, and our role is to automate their annual statistical report of 400 pages. This process for creating the statistical report is yearlong and manual. Our solution will reduce this process down to 1 week, or a 98% reduction in time.
For some background history, about a year ago Dr. Wallace brought on a group of Computer-Based Honors students to improve the survey process by enhancing the survey collection process by implementing LimeSurvey and a MySQL database to replace the manual excel spreadsheet questionnaire. Last semester, the CBH students implemented excel macros to automate the institution-specific survey data slices that are sent to the American Library Association (ALA) every year.

We are going to develop a standalone form application in conjunction with Excel to validate data to highlight outliers, generate the ALA reports, and create all of the charts, graphs, and data tables for the statistical report. The charts and graphs only comprise 23 pages of the report, while the data tables consist of 303 pages! With our team transitioning from analyze to design, we have to carefully manage solution functionality and client expectations as we move forward.


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