Capstone Experience: State of Alabama Department of Finance Team

Our project is a little different than most projects in the Capstone. Rather than designing and building a solution, we are providing a “roadmap” for the State of Alabama Department of Finance to follow that meets short term, as well as long term, goals for consolidating the transactions from different charts of accounts across the state. After researching and analyzing their current processes, we hope to propose a set of standards and recommend a future solution to aid in their consolidation process.

In order to deliver a finished and successful “roadmap” for our client, we have found that it is important to collaborate as a team. To become a stronger team, we have participated in several team building activities this semester. During the first week, each team member created a “Who Is” presentation to share with our team a little bit about themselves. We have also gone on team outings after work session. A few weeks ago, we went to “Wings U” with three other teams, allowing all of us a chance to get to know one another outside of work session. Our most recent team building activity was in celebration of Valentine’s Day. After work session on the night before Valentine’s Day, we created our own version of “Edible Arrangements” with chocolate covered fruit and candy.

Along with all the team building and fun, our team is also working hard on the project. At the start of the semester, we jumped right in on researching to find out more about Alabama’s current financial processes. We also spent a lot of time learning more about accounting in general (a subject that most of us hadn’t looked at since taking Accounting 210). After all of our research, we were able to have our client kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting we had with our client last week confirmed our knowledge on their current system and also provided us with more insight into the business problem. Our client provided us with several documents that the State of Alabama uses in their current system, allowing us to proceed into the analyze phase.

Now that we have transitioned into the analyze phase of our project, our team is excited to continue analyzing our state’s accounting documents and provide a “roadmap” to improving their current financial consolidation system.


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