Capstone Experience: dunnhumbyUSA Team

Our team began the semester continuing a mobile application project from last semester. The whole team trained in the technologies used in the application and developed training plans for these technologies for the rest of Capstone. Three weeks into the semester, the team was challenged with switching to another client, dunnhumbyUSA. This new project is similar to the first, so we were able to transition relatively easy due to our previous technological training.

dunnhumbyUSA is a global data analytics company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1989, dunnhumbyUSA is the leader in personalizing the world’s experience of retailers and brands. They help companies put customers at the center of every decision by analyzing data from over 350 million people in 25 countries. They use their insight to improve customers’ retail and brand experience to earn their lifetime loyalty.
Last semester, the UA MIS program was tasked to simplify dunnhumbyUSA’s method for gathering and analyzing client reports. The current method requires each document to be retrieved individually; a tedious process that takes valuable time away from the client. The Capstone team began developing a mobile dashboard in order to centralize dunnhumbyUSA’s reporting process. dunnhumbyUSA’s client facing analysts will be able to access client insights on-the-go, view client key performance indicators, and spend more time analyzing client information, rather than looking for it.

This semester, we will continue to develop the application’s features in order to meet all of the client’s functional needs. A storyboard feature will be developed into the dashboard allowing users to track their progress as they make a decision. The analysts will be able to capture relevant visualizations and take notes with the application in order to present the information at a later date.
The completion of this project will mobilize, enhance, and reduce the time spent on dunnhumbyUSA’s current analytical decision making process.


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