Capstone Experience: Vertical Alliance Group

As a first semester capstone student I was excited and nervous to begin my tenure as a senior in the MIS program, finally working on a project that will add real value to a major company. Our first day was slightly overwhelming at first, as the big question was answered and our teams were assigned. I learned that I would be working for Vertical Alliance Group on a project that they were very excited about. I began to realize just how valuable this experience would be. Over the next few days I quickly learned just what it takes to prepare for meetings and function well together as a team in a real life work environment. I can tell that this semester will provide an invaluable experience that will help all of us in our future endeavors.

This semester our team is working on a project for Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. Founded in 1999, they are based in Texarkana, Texas, and specialize in learning management systems and websites for diverse career paths such as nursing and school bus drivers. They are a leading supplier in their industry with over 500 corporate clients and thousands of varied users like truck drivers, factory workers, and school districts using their products. Vertical Alliance Group holds a portfolio of websites that provide value to the company by providing a one-stop resource for prospective employers and job seekers in their particular market.

The Vertical Alliance Group Capstone Team will provide a site enhancement solution to meet some of the challenges they are experiencing with their website This website has potential to become a high value site to the company but it has become outdated and neglected over time. Our team will examine their current site layout and advertising content management solution. We will then deliver recommendations concerning changing the way content is handled on the site and how we can increase user interaction with the site.

This project will allow Vertical Alliance Group to utilize the potential they have in NurseUniverse by providing an easily maintainable and intuitive solution. With our solution, Vertical Alliance Group will be able to take advantage of their industry leading advertisement conversion rate and eventually expand these changes across multiple websites in their portfolio.

We look forward to working with Vertical Alliance Group over the rest of our project’s life cycle and are excited to find out which challenges and innovations are ahead.

-Andrew Graham


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