Capstone Experience: Thyssenkrupp Capstone Team

Greetings from the ThyssenKrupp IT Asset Management Recommendation team! Despite our exceptionally intense project name, we’re quite the lively crowd in our isolationist cube. ThyssenKrupp is in the beginning stages of creating a new IT Shared Services center in Alpharetta, GA. This large relocation of both human and IT assets has created a need for a system to monitor the substantial amount of end user IT assets. Our project is to research the many vendors within the IT asset management market and decide which one best fits ThyssenKrupp’s needs.

Despite waging war on various vendors’ websites and critiquing the small amounts of information we have mined out of the mountains of false reviews, we maintain a high level of productivity. So far we’ve managed to whittle the list of 34 vendors down to around 16 within the period of a month. As our “short list” continues to develop we’ve become increasingly talented in extracting information and categorizing it into spreadsheets. The decision to cut large vendors from our list doesn’t come easy. The elimination process involves many group discussions revolving around the pros and cons of a single vendor. All of this is driven with one final goal to recommend the best fitting asset management system to our client.


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