Capstone Experience: Coach Capstone Team

Based in New York, Coach Inc. is an international quality leather goods company who is partnering with the University of Alabama Management Information Systems program for the first time. Coach was founded in 1941 and has maintained high standards for materials and workmanship since, thus making them a leader in the leather market. We hope to fulfill and exceed their expectations in providing the company with the most effective and efficient solution for their needs.

The UA-MIS Capstone Team has been working diligently since their client kickoff with the Senior Director of Global Business Retail Store Systems at Coach, Bob Linhares. This meeting was set in place to determine the requirements and design of an employee portal to be used in all Coach Factory stores across the country. The portal will enable Coach employees to quickly and easily access documents from anywhere in the store on demand. This will support better information flow, help Coach employees make better decisions, and increase employee time spent on the sales floor.

After preliminary research, the portal will be coded in the Objective-C programming language for Apple iPad devices. The Coach Team has been hard at work learning both the basics and intricacies of the technology to build and sharpen their skills. The team is incredibly excited about working for Coach and cannot wait to reach every milestone.


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