MIS Courses: MIS 330

MIS 330 has introduced our class to the vast world of databases. Prior to day one, I was unsure as to how you could make a semester long class about databases. I quickly realized this skepticism was nothing more than pure ignorance. We jumped right into entity relationship diagrams (ERDs). An ERD is developed in order to conceptually simplify the complexity of a database. These diagrams map out each of the database’s entities and corresponding attributes; moreover, they track the relationships between each entity.

Our teacher, Mrs. Robin Buell, does a wonderful job making these intimidating diagrams easy to comprehend. She works with students to ensure complete understanding when more complex ideas are introduced. One aspect of the class I thoroughly enjoy is the correlation with CS 220. The two courses run parallel as many of the things taught in CS 220 directly relate to the concepts taught in MIS 330. With the ignorance now behind me, I can honestly say I am excited to see what MIS 330 has in store for the rest of the semester.

-Griffin Peterson


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