Capstone Experience: Lowe’s Capstone Team

We are the Lowes iPhone Application Team (LIAT). This semester, we are working on an iPhone application for Lowes store sales associates to better assist customers. The first two weeks we brainstormed potential application ideas and discussed the feasibility with our client. Once a specific idea was chosen, we started making wireframes, mockups, and process flows to flush out our ideas further. We have been utilizing Adobe PhotoShop, Omnigraffle, and Microsoft Visio to present our work to our client.

I am serving as the team Architect, and my role is to map out the foundations and relationships of the technical architecture for the iPhone application. I’m enjoying my role because I am learning more about Macs and iOS development. I recently learned that iOS provides an internal database called SQL Lite, which will allow the team to easily store and retrieve the data needed to populate our application. We have been training in iOS by watching Lynda iOS development videos, and I can’t wait to start developing the application in less than two weeks.
Thanks for reading.

-William Bryant


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