Capstone Experience: Infinity Insurance

This semester, the Infinity Insurance Team has been working to document Infinity Insurance’s current business processes within their underwriting department. Infinity realized that there is a lack of documentation within all of their business processes, which has made it difficult for them to make managerial decisions. With up-to-date processes, the Infinity Insurance Team will be able to make recommendations on ways that Infinity Insurance can make their processes more efficient and streamlined.
The Infinity Insurance Team is made up of Project Manager, Rachel Haney, and team members Klint Thrasher, Jordan Dupre, Kristen Riker, Oyewunmi Ajilore, and Patrick Dennison. Our team has made regular visits to the client site in Birmingham to observe the daily activities of the employees so we could gain an understanding of their work flow. We are currently taking the information we have gathered to create preliminary process maps to better understand current business processes so that we can make appropriate recommendations.

Our team is very excited to be working with Infinity Insurance and we believe that we can add a tremendous amount of value with our work. The documents that we provide will help Infinity more efficiently allocate resources, make better managerial decisions, and increase their overall understanding of their current business processes. We will continue to make trips to Birmingham to interact with our client and use the feedback that we receive to effectively map out their business processes. The project is targeted to be completed on April 27th, when our team will present our recommendations and supporting documentation on how to increase overall efficiency within their processes.


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