Capstone Experience: The Home Depot Report Usage and Mobilization Team

This semester we have been assigned to work on a project for The Home Depot (THD), the largest home improvement retailer in the United States. Our team is working closely with the Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) function from the Atlanta based store support center. From the beginning of this capstone semester, we were not immediately given a concrete project; rather multiple possible projects to explore first.

As of right now we are focusing on creating an application usage reporting tool. The usage reporting tool will allow the EBI team to be able to monitor reports and answer these important questions in order to optimize the use of their resources.

• How many people use this report?
• How long the report is typically in use?
• What is it used for?
• When is it at its peak usage?
• What are the problems with the reports, if any?

Using the data obtained from this tool, EBI will be able to identify trends in report usage. This information will allow the EBI team to make more informed report management decisions for the merchandising, finance, and store operation functions.

The other area of the focus for our project is the automation of two manually generated reports. This will require the team to work through the report generation process in order to identify the needed requirements. Working through the process will also allow us to work with the various business functions to ensure their needs are met throughout the automation of these reports. Some the technologies we will be working with are MicroStrategy and Teradata which EBI uses for the reporting and analysis of data for the various business functions of THD.


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