Resume Review Session

To say that the MIS program is one of the best programs offered at the University of Alabama is a bold statement, one that definitely will lead to an argument of denial by the skeptic. Fortunately, the program continues to prove itself through a 100% job placement rate, a high number of scholarships, and a class of professionals at every graduation.

This semester was my first opportunity to engage in the program’s resume review. Students meet one-on-one with upperclassmen and faculty to have their resumes critiqued before being submitted into the MIS resume book. I was confident when I first sat down with the upperclassman to have my resume reviewed, possibly too confident. It was apparent that he was very knowledgeable and gave me a handful of suggestions in a comfortable, professional manner. I left knowing what corrections I needed to do in detail, but it was not over yet. I still had to see a faculty member. “Next victim,” the professor said to me as my confidence rapidly diminished. She introduced herself as Dr. Greer, and we got started. This was a time I can say I will never forget. Her honesty felt like a bucket of cold water being thrown at my face, refreshing and eye opening. She took no time to explain her background experience and how important one’s resume really is. She defined it as a, “life long document”, a “piece of real estate”, and instructed me on how to define myself from the generic by showing value. As I walked away with a plethora of markings on my once clean paper, I was not embarrassed but encouraged. My confidence was at its high because I had just received something that so many do not, an education in reality. I felt I had a P.H.D. in resumes and nothing was sugar coated. I felt like I had grown up tremendously.

This is where the program is most efficient: taking a student and transforming him into a prepared business professional. This is only my second semester in the program, and I am already a completely different person. I am excited when thinking about my future in this program and where it will take me. MIS is one of the best programs at the University of Alabama and in the nation. If you need proof just look at our faculty members and students.

Kyle Vance, MIS 330 student


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