Capstone Experience: Randall Reilly Capstone Team

Hey!!! Hey!!! Hey!!!

We are the Randall Reilly team. In case you don’t know what the company does, Randall Reilly is a business-to-business media and information company founded in 1934 which operates numerous businesses including publishing trucking, construction and industrial trade magazines. Randall Reilly is headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which gives us the biggest advantage of all: having regular onsite meetings with our client and ensuring that we are providing them satisfaction through our project.

It is pretty incredible how fast the first two weeks of the semester went by. We spent that time getting to know each other in the team through practicing our elevator speech for our kick off meeting, learning about the different team positions that will be assigned to each team member and doing some research on SharePoint and Business Intelligence according to the high level understanding we received from our client of what our project might be based on.

The third week started with more research on our project and preparation for our kick off meeting. On Wednesday, we were all onsite by 3:45 pm with our faculty sponsor. We met with the Randall Reilly IT group and a few subject matter experts and learned more about our project. For our project, we will be implementing a new forecasting process and system using Business Intelligence for gathering and reporting within Randall Reilly. The kick off meeting went very well as our client was able to explain their current forecasting process and answer all the questions we had prepared.

At this time, we are researching efficient ways to improve the current forecasting process and getting ready to interview subject matter experts to better understand the current process in order to provide the best solution possible, one that fits the existing forecasting processes and culture of Randall Reilly. We are very excited about our project and we cannot wait to keep you posted about the future development.

A Bientôt!!!!


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