CMISS: Welcome Back Social

Thursday, January 19, 2012 was the first meeting for the Capstone Minority in Information Systems Society (CMISS). Mingling began at around 6:30pm where five students became ten, ten students became fifteen, and around 7pm we had a great turnout of approximately 30 students. We enjoyed some Chick-Fil-A and some beverages while we got to know each other. It was a great meeting for CMISS, and it was the biggest turnout in CMISS history. Our group was able to enjoy a fun game of running charades.

CMISS split up into five teams of approximately 4-5 team members, with each CMISS officer being a team leader and organizing their team for the fast paced game of Charades. After few test runs, out leaders decided we collectively had the grasp of the game and started our game to win a mystery prize.

We gathered in a circle with each team in a corner or side of the AIMS lobby. The objective of the game was to have each teammate take turns in acting out the word or phrase predetermined by our game proctor. The game proctor had a list words or phrases in which he gave to the team leaders and the team member to perform the charade. The proctor stood in the middle with the team leaders as the team leaders watched their team perform and supervise their team to follow the rules. Each team member performing the charade would run to the center of the circle receive the word/phrase and then run back and perform the charade. Once the word/phrase was guessed correctly, the team member who guessed it or consecutive team member (as our team 5 did), would run into the center to receive the next word/phrase in the list.

The list consisted of school oriented terms, names, landmarks, and UA Celebrities. Some of the word/phrases were, Roll Tide!, Flag Football, President’s Mansion, Dhale, The strip and Big Al. It was a fun event and great for meeting new students and upperclassmen in the MIS program.

Our next meeting next semester is TBA, however I don’t doubt it will be a success.

-Alex Perez, MIS Senior


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