AIMS: Interview Prep Session

To kick off the first AIMS meeting of the new semester, Dr. Hale and Robin Buell conducted an interview prep session. I am only a sophomore, so I am not exactly going to be performing interviews this year; however, I found this meeting very informative and helpful. Of the many things discussed, the topics I found most interesting were the following:

● When to show up
● Facial hair facts
● What to do during pauses
● Image
● Preparation

How early you show up to the interview is surprisingly very important. Five to ten minutes before is acceptable, but do not show up any earlier. Doing so, may come across as desperate and leaves more time to make a mistake. I always thought that as long as you showed up early, you got a green light before the interview.

Dr. Hale said it is best for men to shave their beards before interviews. This made me realize that when it comes to interviews, everything from your resume to the little threads coming from your suit can make or break you.

Robin Buell and Dr. Hale also addressed pausing in an interview. Make sure you have appropriate fillers, such as “that’s an interesting question,” as opposed to “umm…” If ten to fifteen seconds of silence has passed, then things have become awkward, and you should do the best you can to break the silence and answer the question.

Dr. Hale told us to ask our peers and classmates about our nervous ticks. Gaining this feedback is especially important because you do not always know how you come across. You do not want to come across as nervous, tired, confused, or any other emotion not appropriate for an interview.

The last and most topic discussed was preparation. Before this AIMS meeting, my preparation for interviews was to think about the questions in my head and to make sure my smile did not seem awkward or fake. To be 100% prepared for an interview, you should study possible questions and write down answers. Then the night before the interview, you should study the questions and your answers until you are familiar and comfortable with them.

Overall, I found this AIMS meeting very informational, even though I am only a sophomore. It made me realize that the MIS program at UA is very thorough when it comes to preparation and affirmed I made the right choice in choosing this major. I wish the upper classmen the best of luck with their interviews, and everyone else a happy, stress-free spring semester.

-Elaine Song, MIS 295 Student


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