Capstone Experience: The Protective Life Team

The Build phase is finally here! The Protective Life Capstone Team has spent the last couple of weeks designing mockups and generating our solution proposal. In addition to the project documentation, the web application our team will be delivering will eliminate some of the manual steps included in the current processes and allow our client to efficiently reimburse their vendors. The web application will include four main functions: import, search, manual entry, and report.

During the build phase, our team has faced few small challenges with setting up the development environment. The team has had difficulty setting up the server to mirror the client’s and also working with SQL Server Integration services package. To prepare for the build the team has also been training in SQL and C# using the Model View Controller platform. Despite the challenges encountered, it has been a great learning experience for the team.

The Protective Life Capstone Team is eager to build and look forward to the final products we will deliver Protective Life.


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