Capstone Experience: Books-A-Million Team

The motto for MIS is often quoted as “Work hard, Play hard” and that’s exactly what you do in the Capstone. You get to do a lot of interesting work with real companies, but you still get to have a lot of fun. Every Halloween there is a Capstone wide competition for decorating your workspace. The winning team is granted a small monetary prize for the team to go out and have fun with. This year the winning team was actually a group of teams in the newly redesigned room 118. This room utilized space to the maximum to provide work areas for four teams in a more community focused environment. Since it is a shared work space, we all worked together to make a fantastic room. The ALFA, Books-A-Million, State of Alabama, and Protective Life teams all joined in to create a pirate themed room that would make Jerry Bruckheimer jealous. Not only was the room decorated, but the team members wore costumes, eye patches, hooks, and other props for when the judges came through to view the room. With such a powerful showing, we were able to win hands down; the only problem was the allocated money was only for one team, so how do you split it between four teams?

Once again we worked together as a room and came up with a solution worthy of being an MIS major: we would all go bowling together on dollar night at Leland Lanes. The Tuesday of Dead week, we all put on our bowling shoes and had a lot of fun hanging out and taking a break from our projects. This night of fun was in addition to the regular team building activities provided for each team. This time was not only a job well done, but a nice break before the final push for our four teams to finish out our projects and the semester.


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