Capstone Experience: The Home Depot Team

We have been working with The Home Depot this semester on an IT Asset Management project. Our project is very different project than many other Capstone teams. We are working closely with an internal team at The Home Depot. We have weekly status meetings and daily Process meetings. It has been a very interesting semester; we have been able to experience a project unlike many others. We have been learning The Home Depot’s internal methodology and using their documentation to get the project through the various check points that they have internally. We have been able to see the project from the very start, with us entering in as they were still staffing, to the point they are now, which is going through re-scoping issues and other roadblocks along the way.

Working so closely with an internal team has brought on its own challenges and obstacles. While we are only working for around 20 hours a week the internal team has a full 40 hour work week, which leaves us the challenge of making sure to keep track of what has happened during the days we are not in the lab working. The experience has been very fulfilling and we have been able to tackle tasks that are very unique. With the nature of the project being IT Asset Management we have had to help create processes to wrap around how to manage the huge amount of assets The Home Depot has, as well as to verify the data that they currently have to ensure that all information is correctly migrated to the new solution.

Overall the project has been very excited and has given our team the ability to develop several professional skills. Communication is a huge part of our project and we are sending emails and communicating with our client daily to ensure everyone remains on the same page. It has been a great project to work on and our team has been able to contribute a lot to the overall progress of this project.

-Written by Travis Clark


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