WIT: Christmas Party

The end of this semester has been extremely busy for all of us in MIS. With final projects to be finished, presentations to give, and finals to study for, it seemed like we had no time to do anything but school work. The WIT (Women in Information Technology) officers felt differently. They knew what we really needed most was a break from the stress and a chance to relax with our classmates.

WIT threw a great holiday party last week to wrap up the fall semester. We ate delicious wraps from Roly Poly, decorated cookies, and played a game called Dirty Santa. For those like myself those who are new to the game, it is a twist on the classic Secret Santa activity. All of the gifts are put into a pile, and everyone draws a number. The person who draws number 1 starts off by picking a gift from the pile, and we continue through everyone at the party in numerical order. The first person must choose a mystery gift, but each subsequent person can either take a risk and draw a wrapped gift from the pile, or steal someone else’s gift if they like it. The WIT officers did a great job of buying a variety of wacky gifts, so the game ended up being pretty funny. For example, I left with Spiderman silly bands that I stole from Hannah, Raychel went home with some silly post-it notes she stole from me, and Dr. Hale got an elephant hat that she stole from Bridget. Poor Robin got stuck with a lint roller that no one wanted to steal from her! All of the other girls got funny little prizes too, like silly putty, a goofy pen, or an etch-a-sketch.

This WIT event helped us take a break from studying, relax, and hang out with each other. Although we get to know each other well in class, it is fun to spend some time doing other things with this great group of girls.

-Taylor Konkel, MIS 295


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