Capstone Experience: Bentley Systems Team

Since our last post, the Bentley Team has faced many exciting challenges! The most recent challenge is our ability to load Bentley’s xml files into our Telerik Grid Control. Most of the problems came from our lack of understanding the xml documents we had received from Bentley. After several client meetings and analyzing the documents we have made significant strides. We have gotten the data to populate our grid control and are working on implementing other features that Bentley has requested such as sort, save, import, export, and publish.

Bentley also realized that they don’t have any API’s or documentation to support third-party developers who might want to build on top of Enterprise Bridge (eB) their asset management application. We have been assigned the task of benchmarking other companies that provide similar services and make recommendations to help them grow in this area. The companies we chose to use in this evaluation include: Google, Arduino, Whirlpool, and Android.

As we reach the end of the semester, we are preparing for our final presentation to our project sponsors at Bentley. The presentation will include our API support recommendations, as well as a final asset management web portal application.


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