MIS Courses: MIS 340

As we close in on the end of the semester, every project and class is requiring more time than usual, and everyone wants to tweak every bit of their work to maximize the possibility of a better grade. In our MIS 340 Data Communications class, we are learning about the potential of our computer systems and how they operate. Although we rarely have assignments, we recently received an encryption assignment where we are able to act as decoders. Dr. Hogan doesn’t make it easy by any means, but this encryption assignment should be a fun change from the norm. At first, the material seemed dry and a bit of a frenzy with all the acronyms , but once we got the exposure to what things are and do, we got closer to seeing the bigger picture of how our computers and networks work.

Today Sam Thompson made a cameo as our instructor describing Network Security, specifically Firewalls and Trojan Horses. We touched based on levels of sophistications like NAT Proxy’s, application-level firewalls and packet-level firewalls. It was nice to have Sam visit our 340 class as the images he drew better illustrated the functions of the firewalls due to his background in security. This also set the platform for some story telling of past security breaches and most recent ties with current events.

-Alex Perez


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