MIS Courses: MIS 340

The semester has begun to wrap up, but there is still plenty left to accomplish for the students in Dr. Hogan’s MIS 340 class. The second test was just completed the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. Though the tests are tough, the material is well-covered, and it is recommended to the students to break up the material so that it doesn’t get confusing.

In the first half of the semester, many lectures consisted of the OSI Model and its architecture. However, following the first test, it was time to move on to more networking. Dr. Hogan comprised an in-depth study of local area networks, wide area networks, wireless technologies and how each is built. This study has given students a better understanding of the technology that they apply to their daily lives. In the coming weeks, Dr. Hogan will cover security in the aforementioned networks to complete the class.

MIS 340 has been a different learning experience for me than some of the previous classes because it is not quite as hands on. However, Dr. Hogan has implemented a lab in order to allow students to see Virtual Private Networks in action. The material requires great focus and attention, but, through it all, I have learned how to break up the material so that I can effectively process the information.

-Derek Longenecker


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