Capstone Experience: 8760 Incorporated Team

We are working with 8760 Incorporated, which is a leading software company in the energy industry.

As we head toward the close of the semester, we’ve made incredible progress in developing our web-based application. Through working closely with our client, we have identified the functions that would help to drive immediate value for a potential client. Since we are developing on a new idea, this would enable us to pilot our application and determine best practices before trying a widespread implementation with other companies.

Once we finish the remaining elements of development, we will be focused on the pilot implementation of our application. Through 8760, we have partnered with a local poultry processing plant. With this, we recently had the opportunity to tour the facility, which was certainly an experience! Some of us even mustered the courage to go into the affectionately coined “kill room” to see where the process really begins (or ends…) for the chickens. It was impressive and reassuring to see such a sanitary and streamlined process. We also spent time analyzing their business processes and equipment to determine how the use of data from our application will benefit the company in making more informed business decisions.

Now that the application development is nearing the end, it’s time to dig into the remaining portions of the system development life cycle. As consultants, we will need to ensure that the project wraps up well and 8760 has all the information necessary to continue building on what we have begun.


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