Capstone Experience: Protective Life Team

The Protective Life Capstone team has been busy this semester preparing to deliver an enhanced Insurance Administration and Underwriting Vendor Billing Reimbursement Management System. The goal of enhancing the Vendor Billing Management System is to increase profitability by refining the vendor reimbursement processes. The team has been analyzing Protective Life’s reimbursement processes and their current systems. We are also researching their current processes to develop a more efficient and productive system.

Protective will be able to manage their bills more accurately therefore reducing unnecessary costs and improving bill tracking. The Capstone Team has decided to build a web based solution that will aggregate the incoming bills and apply the documented processes automatically. The team has individually sought out methods that will be utilized in the new process through our highly detailed process flows. The Team has also spent this time doing some preliminary research as to what it would take to build the system from scratch as well as the related risks. We are currently designing the enhanced processes that our system needs to have and relating them with the old system in order for the new system to be easily transferrable to Protective Life’s system.

The Capstone Team has been working alongside the New Business Team located at the headquarters in Birmingham, AL. The New Business Team has been helpful in providing information that is critical to the development of the process. The Capstone team is specifically working with Vendor Reimbursement team of New Business. The Vendor Reimbursement team are the primary users of the vendor billing system. They have been more than helpful by allowing the Capstone team to shadow them in order to have a better understanding of how the vendor billing operates.


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