Capstone Experience: Infinity Insurance Team

The Infinity Insurance Capstone team is made up of veterans Matt Buford and Susie Powell along with first semester capstone students Dyron Roberson, Carlisle Gunn, and Willis Masdon. With Norman Antonio as our Project Manager, we are seeking to redesign and deploy a more effective website for Infinity’s Classic Collectors division.

Infinity Insurance Blog

The Classic Collectors team is currently transitioning into build. We have spent the last few weeks making final changes to the design mockups and reworking the site map. The new website will make it easier for customers to obtain a quote and highlight Classic Collectors competitive advantages. The design aspects in regards to content, along with techniques used in the code to build the site will support the search engine optimization strategy which will increase the page ranking.

We are still facing a few small challenges with the development environment that we are working through. We were not able to gain access to Infinity’s test environment, so we created a virtual environment to replicate Infinity’s as close as possible. Infinity’s current platform has also led to the refocusing of our scope and objectives of the project. We recently addressed these issues with the client and they understand the restrictions that have been placed on the project due to their requirements. To prepare for build, we have been training in Java using Eclipse development platform. We are eager to get started building and look forward to the final product we will deliver Classic Collectors.

Overall, dealing with these challenges has been an excellent learning experience and the team looks forward resolving these issues and completing the project.

May the Force be with us.


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