AIMS: Engine Yard

On Tuesday, (November 8, 2011) Engine Yard came to our weekly AIMS meeting. They are a relatively new company, established about 6 years ago. They are very dedicated to using the Ruby language and Rails architecture. Josh Hamilton, guest speaker and ‘08 University of Alabama graduate, made the presentation entertaining and unique. Engine Yard provides a development environment to work with cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services, allowing developers to more easily build and deploy applications. They are accomplished at many services, but one of the things at which they excel is ensuring that companies’ websites can handle all of their users. Engine Yard provides platforms for many clients, Groupon.

Josh described the corporate culture as being laid back, but still productive. He especially enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of the work environment that allows him to wear t-shirts and flip-flops every day to work. They also have an open door policy that allows employees to speak directly to the CEO. In addition, when presented with a fresh new concept, the company will allow the worker who initiated the idea to pursue it. Mr. Hamilton stressed the importance of not simply relying on a resume, but to realize and express your true potential.

They just recently expanded to Dublin and are now supporting application development in PHP. In just 6 years, this start-up company has grown and changed tremendously. The rising popularity of Ruby and Rails will contribute to Engine Yard’s continued success.

-Mary McCown


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