Recruitment: University Days

Friday, October 14 was University Days in the Ferguson Center. This event attracts many High School students and allows numerous organizations to present themselves to prospective students. As an MIS ambassador, I was asked to set up the MIS table, define MIS for the students (along with the student’s parents), and answer any questions they had about the program. Many students came and visited the table as Patrick Dennison, Spencer Keel, and I gave a brief overview of the major; conveying the purpose of the major, the value that businesses find in the skills we learn, and going into the workforce with one year of real experience.

Communicating all of these opportunities to the perspective students made me recall the reasons that I chose MIS in the first place. It was a great way for me to give back to the program, by encouraging others to join, and therefore allowing for the potential growth of the MIS program as a whole. This experience allowed me to really take ownership of the program that I am a part of, and actively serve the program that continues to invest in me.

-Nathan Kozlowski, 1st Semester Jr., MIS


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