MIS Courses: CS 120

So far, this semester has been an entirely new experience. Before taking CS 120, I had no experience in programming. The first time I heard the terms arrays and structs I was dumbfounded. Now I have a good understanding of both because the professors have helped us understand the concepts through numerous examples, business scenarios, and C++ coding examples. These examples have really helped me learn how to program. Professor Hooper and Professor Tribble have made the transition into a new language easier by keeping it simple. That is our class’ motto.

We are also given programming assignments that are due on Sunday nights, which allows us to practice and really learn the concepts taught in class. The due date gives us the entire week to figure them out and get help from the TA’s and mentoring sessions. Our class gets along well since we try to help each other understand the concepts or fix their code. That is another aspect that I enjoy about our CS 120 class. We all are willing to help each other while having a good time. Our current programming assignment is to write code for a control break report, which is a tool that actual businesses utilize to organize data. It feels rewarding to be doing something now that is applicable in the real business world. Even though programming was new to me, I’m glad that I’m taking CS 120 and am looking forward to the rest of the semester.

-Max Rivers


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