WIT: Dress for Success Event

Last Sunday night, October 9, WIT hosted a Dress for Success event at White House Black Market in Midtown Village. The event was fun, educational, and an overall success. Stacy Junkin with Mary Kay Cosmetics was there to give advice on how to wear make-up in the workplace, as well as offer free makeovers. The employees of White House Black Market put together an educational presentation on the essentials every businesswoman should have in her closet. The most impressive part of the night was when White House Black Market showed us how to take ten articles of clothing and form around 60 different outfits fit for the workplace. After the presentation, the employees of White House Black Market assisted WIT members in selecting pieces of clothing to build our professional closet. The women of White House Black Market were very helpful in finding the right outfit for each WIT member.

As an MIS 295 student, I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Not only was it a great opportunity to network with older girls in the MIS department, but I was unaware of the necessities I should have in my closet. With the help of White House Black Market and members of WIT, I was able to successfully find a few articles of clothing to put towards the professional wardrobe we learned about earlier that night. Overall, the event was very helpful, educational, and a lot of fun.

-Taylor Ford, MIS 295 Student


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