Capstone Experience: The cbeyond Team

As stated in our first blog, we are re-developing a website referral portal for Cbeyond, a Phone and IT Solutions company out of Atlanta, GA. We have been working to understand our client’s challenges and current business processes in order to fulfill their needs and expectations. We’ve also been putting into practice methodologies and discovery processes that we have only studied and, until now, mocked up. We recently took part in a webinar given by Cbeyond Business Process experts that gave our team insight into the customer relations services we will be affecting with our solution. Through weekly contact, we stay in touch with the shifting needs of the project and keep Cbeyond in the know about our progress.

Recently, the team prepared to give a presentation during the Capstone Design Phase seminar to inform fellow classmates about the technology we were learning for the first time and its impact on our project. SWIZ framework was the focus of our presentation and how it can be used to improve our coding practices while using ADOBE Flex. Since we had not yet completed an in-depth investigation of how the SWIZ framework differs from other frameworks, we had a small learning curve to deal with. The Team had to pull together and really dissect the inner workings of this technology to produce a confident and informative presentation. We are looking forward to learning more about coding Rich Internet Applications using ADOBE Flex in conjunction with the SWIZ framework.


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