Capstone Experience: The Alfa Team

This is the starting offensive line up for The University of Alabama Crimson Tide UA Alfa MIS team:
Player Position
Robin Center
Rachel Quarterback
Ross Left Tackle
Cody Running Back
Alex Running Back
Carlieta Wide Receiver
Zack Wide Receiver

Coaching Staff:
Coach Position
Eileen Head Coach
Tim Strength & Conditioning
Myra Offensive Coordinator
Robert Defensive Coordinator
Don Associate Head Coach/ Running Backs Coach
Russell Special Teams/ Tight Ends Coach

The coaching staff (Alfa employees) teach us the play book (processes). They can’t follow us onto the field (development environment), but with the coaching (information) that they have given us, we can execute the game plan (build the solution). Ever since we ended our last game (begun the design phase), we have been working to come up with our game plan for this game (the build phase). This past Friday we had practice at Alfa (onsite visit), where we broke down what we thought the game plan should look like (user mockups). It was an in-depth and productive day of practice (meetings and Q&A), and by the time we left, the game plan (solution) made more sense. It’s getting closer to game time (the build phase), so we have to have it right. We already have a two a day scheduled (Alfa training and work session Monday), and weekends may be in our future to prepare for game time (the build phase). The game plan will continue to change as we change our opponents (move to the next step in the waterfall methodology) over the next few weeks. But with all of our current information, our developed game plan, and helpful coaching staff we should be able to win the next games convincingly. Roll Tide!


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