101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work: Keep Up to Date

Becoming outdated is a sure way to cut your career short. You will remain marketable by not only maintaining your present competencies but also learning new ones. Skill maintenance is an ongoing
process, especially with changing and evolving technology, new research and development, and modernized equipment. These and a number of other variables can make the skills you have today outdated or obsolete tomorrow. In addition, ever-changing job descriptions, procedures, tools, and so on affect what and how much you need to know and how well you perform your job overall.

Competencies that you might consider achieving are oral and written communications, customer service, marketing, sales, and computer software skills to name a few. These abilities are valued in a number of jobs and industries.

To determine the best way to update your skills, (1) review your job description and verify the core competencies and skills you need in your current position, (2) make a list of competencies and skills
required for you to perform your job and assess your degree of competency in each, (3) ask your supervisor if he feels there are competencies and skills you need to acquire, and (4) ask coworkers, the
human resource director, and/or your company trainer if there are competencies or skills you should acquire in order to increase your value to the company.

After you have a good idea of what competencies and skills you need, answer these questions:

■ What are your current strongest competencies/skills?
■ What competencies/skills do you need to improve or expand?
■ Have coworkers, your supervisor, or company trainer pointed out competencies/skills you should acquire to increase your value to the company?
■ How will you obtain the training you need? When will you do it?
■ How will you know if you have achieved your training goal?
■ If you gain additional competencies/skills, how will you benefit?
■ Are there additional competencies/skills you can obtain that will prepare you for another position or advancement? After assessing your skills and competencies, determine which ones you need to update your current skills and which new ones will improve your marketability in the industry. Then, write a professional development plan that includes the following:
■ A list of the skills/competencies that will be beneficial to you on your present job and to attain future advancement
■ A skill/competency to begin your training chosen from the list you created
■ The date by which you will obtain the training
■ Where you will obtain the training
■ Some form of measurement to assess if you have attained the competency

101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work. 101 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work, ISBN: 9781435454323
Prepared for jhale@cba.ua.edu, Joanne Hale
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