Capstone Experience: Procter & Gamble HR Team

The Procter & Gamble iRecruit team is currently moving into the design phase. Over the past few weeks we have been working on cementing our milestones, completing our storyboards and researching game development techniques. We have continued communications with our Project Sponsor and other P&G employees. We are extremely happy with our progress and look forward to presenting a fully functional game that P&G can utilize in their recruitment efforts.

Our team spent a lot of time researching what languages or environment would be best suited for our project. We have looked into many free development environments and we were able to find several that would be fitting. We weighed our options and decided that Flash would be the best development environment for our project because it can be incorporated seamlessly into P&G’s current systems. We are currently exploring the possibilities of using Flash and beginning training.

Recently, we finalized our storyboards for our project: we fleshed out multiple ideas and pulled them together to form a visual representation of our game. Our team found a way to include an educational purpose in our game while still making it fun and interactive for the user.


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