Capstone Experience: Infinity Team

The Infinity Insurance Capstone team is made up of veterans Matt Buford and Susie Powell along with first semester capstone students Dyron Roberson, Carlisle Gunn, and Willis Masdon. With Norman Antonio as our Project Manager, we are seeking to redesign and deploy a more effective website for Infinity’s Classic Collectors division.

The Current Classic Collectors site isn’t generating many accounts because of its low traffic and cumbersome online quote process. Our team came up with a number of solutions to improve traffic and generate more interest in the brand. We’ve refined our target solution to include the following requirements: Reduce the quote process time, highlight Classic Collectors advantages, and optimize search engine rank in order to increase traffic and potential customer interests.

The redesigned website for Classic Collectors will highlight their competitive advantages by making them a focal point on the home page. We’ve also developed a plan for restructuring the HTML for the site to organize headers and meta tags that will improve search ranking. To reduce the quote process time, we’ve refined the fields required to produce an initial quote.

Ultimately, our solution is focused on attracting potential customers to Classic Collectors by increasing visibility, promoting the brand, and improving site visitor’s experience.


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