WIT: Game Night

To kickoff the fall semester, the MIS organization WIT, or Women in Information Technology, hosted a game night! All the ladies of MIS came out to share stories about the summer, indulge in delicious treats, meet new students in the major, and, of course, play games. The night started off with dinner and desserts at MIS 330’s professor Robin Buell allowing everyone to mingle with old friends and meet new people. Hot topics included summer internships, tips from older students, and, not surprisingly, football season. It also provided students the opportunity to get to know faculty outside the classroom setting, like Dr. Joanne Hale and Deana Watkins. We then gathered in a circle to to play Catchphrase, a game where you have to give clues to have your team guess a word in a limited time. Only playfully competitive, we laughed at some of the ridiculous word pairings, then changed the category to pop culture, where the game continued many rounds. This was a great way to relax, have fun, and get to know everyone a little better. The event was a huge success, and I know we all can’t wait for the next one!

-Andrea Olson


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