MIS Courses: MIS 330

I’m about five weeks into MIS 330 (Database Administration) and already our class has learned quite a bit about data modeling. Our instructor, Mrs. Robin Buell, is very thorough in explaining the thought process behind everything she teaches which helps us to fully understand the material. Our homework thus far has been pretty straightforward. Lately we’ve been given a few scenarios each week for which we must design entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) to represent databases in Microsoft Visio. An ERD is used to represent the different parts of a database and the relationships between the different parts. Each week the assignments become more difficult but nothing has been too overwhelming. We almost always go back over our assignments in class, and our group discussions are just as helpful as the lectures. I am looking forward to learning more about how to actually set up the databases in SQL Server Management Studio and how to interact with them.

-Caitlin Washburn


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