Capstone Experience: cbeyond Team

Cbeyond Referral Management Portal Upgrade

Cbeyond, Inc. is a leading provider of IT and communications services to more than 59,000 small businesses in the U.S. Serving growing entrepreneurs, Cbeyond offers more than 30 productivity-enhancing applications including local and long-distance voice, broadband Internet, mobile, BlackBerry®, voicemail, email, Web hosting, fax-to-email, data backup, file-sharing, and virtual private networking. In addition, Cbeyond’s Cloud Services division offers virtual and dedicated servers and cloud PBX to small businesses worldwide. Recently, the Cloud Services division won Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year Award for 2009 and 2010 in connection with Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server product. Winning more than 50 awards for product innovation, growth and a quality customer experience, Cbeyond focuses on helping small businesses succeed and grow through high-performance technology, superior services and world-class support.

The UA Cbeyond team went to Atlanta for our client kickoff meeting. We were pleased to have the CIO Carrie Wheeler at the meeting to explain the business value of this project. We were excited that all of the different departments shared our enthusiasm for this project. The passion that Cbeyond brought to the table really helped us see the value that we can contribute to their business.

The portal is to be revamped using Adobe Flex. Adobe Flex is an open source framework that allows for easy building of mobile applications as well as traditional applications for browsers and desktops. Our Team is currently learning this new leading technology using tutorials and putting the skills learned into action. With this new technology Cbeyond can better the website with their current system. Our team is very excited to work on this project with Cbeyond because we get to learn new leading technologies and add real business value.


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