Summer Internship: First Week at dunnhumby

As someone who whole-heartedly believes in work hard, play hard, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the perfect company.

When it comes to working hard, dunnhumby is amongst the best. Just within my first week, I was challenged with new situations, brainstorming sessions, one-on-one meetings, and thought-provoking conversations. Even my first day was nothing less than intense. After a morning of orientation and getting to know the other interns that I’d be living with and seeing on a day-to-day basis, I was immediately introduced to my hiring manager, followed by joining her in a brainstorming meeting related to my project for the summer. It was interesting to watch the interaction amongst the meeting attendees. Everyone was so comfortable with one another. There was no hesitation to voice opinions, question an idea, or even crack a few jokes, all while maintaining a professional atmosphere where questions were answered and decisions were made. I hadn’t been at dunnhumby longer than five hours and was able to see that it truly was a place where people felt comfortable in their work environment, discussed ideas and opinions, formulated actionable plans, and had fun while doing so.

On top of the great work atmosphere, I get to join in on the play atmosphere just as much. Even in my first week, my manager invited me to an after work event where I got to meet over 20 other dunnhumby employees while eating dinner and enjoying a few drinks. Since then, I’ve played pop-n-shot basketball in just ONE of the dunnhumby game rooms (they also have an Xbox with Rockband, a Wii, and a fooseball table). I’ve been invited to “Pub Runs,” Happy Hours, a Golf Outing, and Trivia Night. I’ve been to two Cincinnati Reds baseball games, and tomorrow I get to go to the annual Company Picnic at Coney Island and hang out with everyone from the office, including our CEO.

I’ve also been grateful to have the opportunity to help with many local charities around Cincinnati just in the short time I’ve been here. I was able to help with Give Back Cincinnati on their Paint the Town program where I and several other dunnhumby employees helped a couple in need paint their house. I had so much fun and felt so good afterwards that I wanted to continue doing community service. Since then, I’ve served food at a local homeless shelter, and now I’m working on an intern project with the Freestore Foodbank that not only helps people in need get food, but also jobs. Next month, I and only 4 other interns get to participate in the Corporate Olympics in Fountain Square. Our team of 5 will represent dunnhumby and be paired with a Special Olympic Athlete to compete against the other 30-40 corporate companies that will also be participating.

Even though I haven’t been at dunnhumby very long, I know they are one of the best-of-the-best at creating a company atmosphere where you find yourself waking up and actually wanting to go to work. It’s a place where you contribute ideas, collaborate with others, are passionate about your work, enjoy the people you work with, and feel like you’re truly part of a brilliant family. I know that dunnhumby challenges me to continue to do these things everyday when I walk into work, and I love it.

-Katie Price


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