Summer Internship: First Week at Northrop Grumman Corporation

Interning with Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) Aerospace Systems (AS) in San Diego California is a job I really enjoy. As a returning intern, my first week experience was very different from last year. Instead of feeling lost, I drove through the hills of San Diego eagerly anticipating the day that was to come. I have lived my whole life in Pennsylvania and Alabama and had only been to California a few times, including a trip for the National Championship, Roll Tide! Last year it was all very overwhelming, but this year I am able to enjoy the surroundings.

The first day is filled with briefings about the company’s history, the organizational structure, where NGC is going, and how you fit in. Throughout the morning there are meetings covering security, benefits, and corporate culture. Once you make it through the morning session the real fun begins. All new hires have lunch with their manager. It’s a great way to be introduced to your new work environment. Since I was returning, this was a great opportunity for my manager and I to catch up on everything that had happened over the last year, both work and non-work related. After lunch we finished orientation and headed to our new work location to meet co-workers and become familiar with our surroundings.

Week one is always a bit of a blur for me. Your time is spent getting into your groups routine, learning the systems and tools of the company, and getting up to speed on the objectives laid out for you. It’s a fast paced week for meeting new people and learning new information. Right away I was given several tasks and expected to produce. The immediate tasks make you feel like you are part of the team and are a great way to get involved from the beginning.

After the whirlwind that is week one, it’s off to take a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy the scenery. Taking a drive up the San Diego coast, enjoying the sun and the views of the ocean, cliffs, and beaches, is a great way to relax and take in all that was week one and realize how much I look forward to the rest of the summer here!

-Tedd Meyer


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