Women In Technology – All Fired Up

Hello All,

My name is Bridget Williams and I am a sophomore in the MIS program at Alabama. A couple of weeks ago I attended WIT’s ALL FIRED UP event. ALL FIRED UP is a studio in Northport where you can go pick out different pottery pieces to paint of all shapes and sizes from plates to vases to animals. After you paint the item, it is fired in a kern and comes out glossy. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that we were going because who doesn’t want to relive their childhood? I recall attending many friends’ birthday parties, including one of my own, at such places like ALL FIRED UP. I thought every piece was perfect including a very ugly dauphin plaque that was “accidentally” broken eventually. I do not think my mother felt the same way about my art, which would always end up in my room, even though I thought it should go on the mantel shelf for everyone to see.

Arriving at ALL FIRED UP, I was faced with the grueling decision of what to paint combined with my indecisiveness. I finally chose to paint an elephant coin bank and a small name plaque for my new baby nephew. Then came the task of choosing paint colors. I first plotted to make my elephant coin bank Alabama-themed of course, but with my lack of artistic ability I decided to keep the color palette simple. I chose to paint the elephant gray with blue eyes (like dumbo) and decided to paint the name plaque brown with blue letters and polka-dots. I have the artistic ability of about a third grader when it comes to arts and crafts but I love to do them anyway. I finally got settled at my table with my items, paint, and of course some yummy Chick-fil-A. Being one of the few younger girls there gave me the chance to get to know some of the older girls as we painted away. MIS can be a challenging major and its nice to know that there are others that I can relate to and have been through the classes I am taking. The girls are nothing but nice and always willing to give useful advice. I also didn’t realize how much I had in common with some of the older girls including where we were from and interests. Before we knew it, it was two hours later and we were all wishing we had more painting and bonding time. Time flies when you are having fun!

I picked up my works of art today. You would be proud to know that I think they are better than anything I did as a child and I cannot wait to give them to my nephew! I can’t wait for more WIT events like ALL FIRED UP and I encourage everyone to come. WIT really brings the girls in the program closer together and I really enjoy participating.

Written by: Bridget Williams

The University of Alabama MIS program allows students to work on real projects that provide real value to real companies. Students learn to leverage people, processes and technology to solve problems and meet the challenges of today’s businesses head-on. For more information, call 205-348-5525 or visit http://cba.ua.edu/mis.


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