Procter & Gamble Project Kickoff

Procter & Gamble is a consumer goods manufacturer with a multinational presence.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, P&G produces a wide range of products, such as personal care products (Old Spice, Gillette), laundry products (Tide, Downy), toothpaste (Crest, Oral-B), and more. They are known for their commitment to innovation – both in product design and marketing strategy.

Our team in the Capstone is tasked with providing an iPad application to help three key stakeholder groups within P&G: the sales team, the retail execution team, and executives.  The app will focus on business intelligence by providing access to key information on pricing, shelf space, and in-store promotions, among others.  P&G will be using our app to give these groups more information needed to sell more products to their customers and to ensure they reach the end consumer in stores.

For the first few work sessions, we focused on acquainting ourselves with P&G’s values and culture.  We then moved on to researching what is important in business analytics and coming up with metrics and measures that P&G can track. Then, we had our client kickoff meeting teleconference and further defined the vision for the project.

Next, we will be coming up with evaluation criteria for the iPad application we need to provide.  There are currently existing apps on the market that could very well meet P&G’s business needs, and we want to find a good fit if we can.

This is an exciting project and we are all delighted to have P&G as a client.  At this point in time, it will be a challenge to fully define the scope of what the application needs to do, but the possibilities are exciting and we look forward to a great semester!

Written by: Byron Barnes, Capstone Student

The University of Alabama MIS program allows students to work on real projects that provide real value to real companies. Students learn to leverage people, processes and technology to solve problems and meet the challenges of today’s businesses head-on. For more information, call 205-348-5525 or visit


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