Alfa Intern: One Month Update

The first month of my internship has passed at Alfa. This month has been nothing short of eventful. It is amazing to see how quickly this field changes. Priorities are shifted on a daily basis with teams rotating in and out of projects just as quickly.

As for myself, my priorities have also changed within the past month. When I blogged about my first day at Alfa in May, I had four projects that I would be working on. These projects were both internal to Alfa as well as external to its clients. One project was dealing with a SharePoint solution and the others were development based with various other languages. This has completely changed. Within the third week of my internship, I was removed from two external projects and placed on internal projects.

The first internal project I was assigned is complete. It is waiting on the media department to place a new banner on it before it is sent out internally. The other projects are also SharePoint based. I will be doing various things with them that will aid in completing a number of goals that Alfa Insurance currently has.

For those who do not know about SharePoint, it is an extremely useful tool used for collaboration among teams. Since SharePoint server 2007 was released, Microsoft has improved many features that will be available in their upcoming release of SharePoint 2010. These features include expanding the dashboard abilities; incorporating project information from Project Server into SharePoint, improving SharePoint designer; which is a back-end development tool, and also improving other small features that boosts performance. These items will aid developers and businesses in customizing it to complete their personal goals.

Overall, my summer is fantastic and I have learned more than I can ever hope for especially when using SharePoint and developing on SharePoint. I do, however, need to take a step back and explain where this experience in SharePoint started. It is actually ironic in that before coming to Alfa Insurance I had very little SharePoint experience, or so I thought.

The UA MIS program contains a senior year program called the Capstone experience. During the Spring 2010, I worked on the ASBDC Project where we utilized a SharePoint solution to create a dashboard, report generator, goals entry tool, and professional development tool. This project lasted for three months. Everything I learned during that time period, I have been able to bring to ALFA and it is because of the Capstone Experience that I have been able to be successful up to this point.

The projects I am working on now are using some of the same technologies that I have used during the Capstone experience. However, the ones that have not still have been an amazing experience. It is also amazing that each project Alfa Insurance has allowed me to complete will leave a lasting impression. I am doing what I can to ensure that this impression will benefit Alfa in every way possible. These last two months have been amazing. I look forward to seeing what the next month brings.

Written by: Allen Worrell

The University of Alabama MIS program allows students to work on real projects that provide real value to real companies. Students learn to leverage people, processes and technology to solve problems and meet the challenges of today’s businesses head-on. For more information, call 205-348-5525 or visit


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