AIMS 9/29/09: Southern Company

Southern Company presented at AIMS on September 29.  After a coffee break with the WIT ladies, CIO Kathleen King and Assistant CIO Jennifer Tidwell, joined Jerry Moore and Scott Duncan in presenting to a full room.

About 1100 of Southern Company’s 27,000 employees are a part of the IT group. They service over 4 million customers. The mission of Southern Company’s information technology department is to provide technology leadership that powers Southern Company’s success. Southern Company includes Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Mississippi Power, Gulf Power, and the Nuclear Division.

Jerry and Scott spoke about the culture at Southern Company. Everything is done with a bit of Southern Style. This means that employees are expected to follow three principles in everything they do: Unquestionable trust, Superior Performance, and Total Commitment.

There is a wide range of projects in development at Southern Company. They are working on the much publicized Smart Grid, voice and data network convergence, an energy management system replacement, and a strategy to use social media in communication.

Southern Company has been ranked as one of the 100 Best Places in IT to work according to Computer World. There are opportunities for internships, as well as full time. In order to be considered for these, complete a profile on the company’s website. If you would like to learn more or complete a profile, please visit

The University of Alabama MIS program allows students to work on real projects that provide real value to real companies. Students learn to leverage people, processes and technology to solve problems and meet the challenges of today’s businesses head-on. For more information, call 205-348-5525 or visit


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