UA MIS Awarded High-Visibility Project within GPC

Genuine Parts Company, the parent company of NAPA Auto Parts, has partnered with the MIS Department to sponsor a TAMS (Total Automotive Management System) messaging project. TAMS is GPC’s proprietary point-of-sale system that is used nationwide in 6000 NAPA stores.

The purpose of the project is to provide GPC with a more efficient means of communicating with both company- and independently-owned NAPA stores. The team is analyzing the current capabilities of the communications process and TAMS in order to identify opportunities to leverage existing infrastructure in the implementation of the recommended messaging solution.

Project Goals:

  • Strengthen the relationship between GPC and NAPA store owners by providing more timely, relevant, and reliable communications
  • Provide audit trail functionality which will allow GPC to track messages to ensure they are properly delivered and acted upon by the intended recipient
  • Support GPC’s current Green Initiative by reducing excessive paper usage

The project is managed by Tara Wright and includes the following team members: Chris Baswell, Bryan Carmicahel, Hudson Moore, Stephen Saucier, and Dillon Sullivan.


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